Building Methods: Adobe

January 20, 2017

Adobe construction has been used since at least the 8th century and this ancient method endures, especially in the Desert Southwest.  In 200 CE at Mesa Verde, the Anasazi built incredible cliff side homes with adobe bricks.  Today, architecture in modern urban areas from Santa Fe to San Diego sport mud-made walls.  Beyond their beautiful sculptural quality, adobe houses have other advantages.  Since all it takes to make adobe is mud, water, and sun, materials can always be locally sourced.  Once built, adobe walls temper heat in the summer and cold in the winter, lessening the need for energy consumptive AC and heat.

At Las Campanas in New Mexico, we strove to adapt this pueblo idiom to fit contemporary needs while nurturing a strong aesthetic relationship between the landscape and the house itself.   Watch Sitio’s timelapse video for insight into the process of adobe brick production.

Reading Rooms for Quiet Afternoons

January 13, 2017

Books abound in these three libraries.  The Knollwood Residence presents a bold take on French Country style, with serene earth tones punctuated by iridescent, metallic ceramics.  At West Lane, the contemporary reigns: clean lines, circular forms, a pared down aesthetic.  The Bonney Brier reading room, with its unique lateral layout, represents a modern approach to a casual country library.

Winter Warmth

January 06, 2017

Rustic warmth emanates from these four fireplaces.  The Estancia del Rio patio hearth keeps stargazers cozy even on the chilliest of nights, while a roaring flame at Table Rock Ranch lights large winter gatherings.

New Year’s & Enviable Evening Gathering Spaces

December 26, 2016

Pop the champagne!  These home bars are ready to entertain guests ringing in the New Year.


Enchanting Mantels

December 19, 2016

Whether it’s a grand English country house or a quaint country cottage…how will you decorate your mantel for the holidays? Our interiors team is always on the hunt for ideas for our gorgeous mantels!