Period Homes Reviews An Ideal Collaboration

June 14, 2016


An Ideal Collaboration, a book recently published by our esteemed colleague, Phillip Dodd, captures the spirit of the shared labor of design and creation in traditional architecture and highlights the importance of the talented hands of many over the genius of few.

Praised by Period Homes for its inspirational collection of 16 essays by a diverse selection of professionals, An Ideal Collaboration expounds the value of joint efforts. As essayist John Milner writes, “Design is the first step, but the craftsmen’s contributions are fundamental to realizing, enriching and giving personality to a final creation.”
Those personalities come alive throughout the pages of the book in essays but also in illustrations and photographs. Longwood Farm, the collaborative work of Curtis & Windham architecture, landscape and interior design groups, represents the beauty of a comprehensive experience. In this weekend country home, informed by its Texas landscape and guided by a traditional English model of living and entertaining on a rural estate, every view is carefully choreographed. As shown time and time again in An Ideal Collaboration, seamless, exciting transitions result from the creative work of many parts moving in unison.
 The full Period Homes review  is available here.