Sneak Peek – An Ideal Collaboration: The Art of Classical Details II

February 06, 2015

We look forward to the release of  The Art of Classical Details: An Ideal Collaboration, in which  author and colleague Phillip James Dodd examines the collaborative environment that is critical to producing great architecture.  The book, to be published in May 2015 by Images Publishing Group, will feature Curtis & Windham’s Longwood Farm.

An Ideal Collaboration Jkt COVER web

From the publisher:

IN THE FOLLOW-UP to the critically acclaimed The Art of Classical Details, Phillip James Dodd continues his look at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture in Great Britain and the United States, while also examining how collaboration is the key to their successful design.

In reality collaborative relationships are rare, especially amongst designers, where each is often focused on their own individual objectives and unable to transcend their own egos. Often used as a catch phase, but not often realized, true collaboration requires an understanding – and an appreciation – of the role that all parties play in the design and construction of a home.

An Ideal Collaboration includes the work of some of the most notable names in contemporary residential design. Architects, decorators, landscape designers, consultants, builders, craftsmen, artists and vendors, all address the design process and the pivotal role that collaboration plays in creating cohesive timeless designs.